Daren Magee standing next to the sea in the Embroidered Ojai Jacket

The Go Slow Capsule

Breathe in. Breathe out. Repeat. Relax. Sink into this moment. You there? Good.

This is the place inhabited by Ojai-based artist, dreamer, and self-proclaimed “imperfect human” Daren Thomas Magee. It’s a landscape forged through a pursuit of one’s internal creative engine, dedication to a daily practice, and a simple choice to walk away from the mundane and into the creative, the personal, the free.

A man who spends as much time searching himself as he does his environs, Daren combs the fruits of his senses for artistic inspiration and fresh perspectives, often coming back with hilarious yet insightful pearls of wisdom like “Nobody cares about you, in the most beautifully liberating way possible,” “positivity begets positivity,” or “Relax! You’ll be dead someday.”

Daren sitting beneath a white arched wall in The Embroidered Ojai wildflowers in Ojai, California <meta charset=

Daren has become a true friend over the years, his undeniable good vibes, one-of-a-kind artwork and his approach to the creative process serving as a constant source of inspiration for us. For these reasons and more, we hit Daren up again and asked if he’d be game to team up on yet another collaboration capsule. Luckily for us, for the third time in a row, he said yes.

The sun embroidery by Daren Magee on The Short Sleeve Hawthorne in Sea Glass Hemp Daren looking up in The Embroidered Hawthorne in Sea Glass Hemp

This time around, Daren has adorned some of our most iconic silhouettes with his one-of-a-kind designs, inspired by the natural world. Featuring custom embroidery and Responsible, richly textured materials, The Go Slow Capsule is a perfect distillation of the place where our creative roads merge. It’s a dusty crossroads somewhere in the high desert, bathed in rosy sunlight and perfumed with the scent of cactus flowers.

What’s more, he took time to sit down with us to talk shop.

Daren smiling on the beach in The Embroidered Heavy bag Tee

Q: First off, it’s been a minute, man! How has 2023 been treating you?

Best year ever! That’s how I am approaching all years from here on out. Radical proclamtions of greatness! I turned 40 this year, so a significant milestone in my life. I am in great shape, mentally and physically and I’m feeling goooooood.

Daren smiling in The Embroidered Ojai Jacket in Dried Guajillo

Q: We’ve always enjoyed following your social feeds but it seems like you’ve taken things to a new level recently and let’s say that the vibe check = passed. Has the expansion of your social audience had an impact on your process or day-to-day outlook over the last couple of years?

Without a doubt! I put a huge amount of consideration into my audience and what they may enjoy. I almost feel like my life is a mini reality show, in that I try to find a level of entertainment in all that I do throughout the day. Not all of it makes it onto my feed, but I am constantly mining my existence for content that may be compelling to those who are interested. Call it part ‘insecurity’/part ‘self obsession’. Its a balance of feeling like what I have to share is worth something and partly the ‘need’ to ‘feed the algorithm’ in hopes that I don’t fade into obscurity.

Daren looking off to the side in The Embroidered Hawthorne in Sea Glass Hemp

Inspiration is all around, all the time. It’s really about keeping the antenna in tune.

Q: We know better than to ask “where do you get your inspiration?” but you talk a lot about meditation, experiences with psychedelics, and spirituality in general. What’s that journey been like?

Yes! Inspiration is all around, all the time. It’s really about keeping the antenna in tune. Through the practices you mentioned that helps me be able to be a clear channel for inspiration. Taking as good of care of myself as possible is one way to do that. Meditation and exercise keep me happy and grounded. Psychedelics help me stay connected to the ethereal and from that place there is no limit to inspiration!

Daren sketching out his designs

Q: Any wise words for the person who wants to explore a more creative self but might have reservations about risking the security of their current situation in the “daily grind?”

There are 24 hours in a day. 8 to work the ‘daily grind’/ 8 to sleep, that leaves a whole other 8 to be creative. When I began my creative path I would work all day and spend as much time as I could being creative, which for me, was drawing. I don’t think you need to give it all up and pursue a creative life full boar. I think it’s about making the time to be creative, like really priortizing it. Making it as important as going to work or sleeping. Bake it into your life and before you know it will be an integral part of your routine and won’t feel foreign.

Daren tossing an apple in the air in The Embroidered Heavy Bag Tee

The Go Slow Capsule

  • The Embroidered Heavy Bag Tee in Dried Acorn Aubade - featured imageThe Embroidered Heavy Bag Tee in Dried Acorn Aubade - featured imageArchive
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  • The Embroidered Ojai Jacket in Dried Guajillo Hemp - featured imageThe Embroidered Ojai Jacket in Dried Guajillo Hemp - featured imageLast Call
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  • The Embroidered Hawthorne in Sea Glass Hemp - featured imageThe Embroidered Hawthorne in Sea Glass Hemp - featured imageArchive
    The Embroidered Hawthornein Sea Glass HempSold Out

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Daren standing by the sea in The Embroidered Ojai and The Heavy Bag Tee
  • Visuals — Jess Purple / Daren Thomas Magee
  • Words — Joe Bitton

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